When developing solutions to problems around us the prerequisites usually changes during the process as new facts and insights are acquired with time. The graduate adaption of a solution to handle upcoming changes in the basic setup might however lead to issues as modified solution tend to get stuck in the same wheel tracks, when a better solution might come from starting over again from scratch.

An example of this could be the Big Bang theory that have been entertaining the minds of scientists and thinkers for quite a while now. Without any deeper expertise on the subject one could at least ponder on what effects of modern times cosmological discoveries, like dark matter, accelerating expansion of the universe and theories of parallel dimensions, have done to the prerequisites of the problem itself. To try to fit in all these new facts with the basic theory might just result in a heap of theories overlapping each other, when a totally blanc approach starting from everything we know of today might result in a totally different theory. Maybe its time to revisit the whole Bang part of the Big theory?

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