A regular Swedish dad with a regular job, life and family came up with the a list of observations when comparing grown ups and kids. When did we leave the care free days of our youth? A selection of these observations have here been posted and translated. Nothing breath taking but well worth thinking about.

Activity Children Grown ups
Sleeping habit Children sleep a lot Adults sleep very little
Nightly habit Children go to bed early Adults go to bed late
Doing Children do Adults think about what to do
Impulses Children goes from thought to action Adults go from thought to thought
Morning habits Children wake early by them selves Adults wake up by the alarm, often late
Morning mood Children wake up with a lot of energy Adults wake up wake up with low energy
Eating habits Children eat often and small portions Adults eat seldom and large portions
Movement habits Children move around a lot and regularly during their day Adults move at a few occasions a week
Entertainment Children wants to have fun Adults want to have a bit of fun
Time perception Children are mentally here and now Adults are mentally yesterday and in the future
Participation Children always wants to participate Adults prefer to watch
Knowledge Children wants to learn new stuff Adults like to stick to what they already know
Failure Children fail all the time Adults almost never fail
Success Children success almost all the time Adults almost never succeed
Focus Children focus on what makes them happy Adults focus on what makes them angry

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