While European countries line up to have a go at the latest trend of national bankruptcy, the land of plenty across the Atlantic ocean are keeping up their appearance quite well. The question is when will they reach the point of no return when duck tape patching of one of the largest economies in the world just doesn’t work any more.

Without any deeper knowledge in Macro economics, simple methods such as linear extrapolation of data will suffice when trying to get a grip of the direction of the world. This assumes that USA will continue to keep their current problem solving strategy, which most likely originate from the American Civil War where the Admiral David Farragut famously declared “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!” and steered his ship right through a bay full of naval mines, also known as torpedoes at the time.

The simple calculation shows that unless anything drastically changes the United States of America will have a total public debt that exceed their entire domestic production (GDP) by the end of 2011. One doesn’t need a PhD in economics to declare that this can’t be a good sign.

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