On the evening of celebrating the quarter of a decade milestone in life for Mr M, an attempt was made to evaluate the available supply of beverage in an organized manner. In short: beer testing just for fun. No attempts whatsoever has been made to scientifically ensure objective results. Drinking order, accompaniments, distracting activities and accumulated amounts of alcohol was not taken into consideration during the testing.

In the end the top ranked beer of the evening was the home brewed beer Hugins Högtidsdryck, from the celebrants own collective brewery, Köksbryggeriet Kvaser. Impressively tasty!

The beers were ranked by the following scale, with the possibility of attaching + and – signs to increase the range to nine possible grades:

B = Beaver
O = Ok
A = Really good!

Due to the gradual declining of linguistic skills by the increasing amounts of alcoholic beverage, the following uncensored summary of the results have comments in Swedish.

Brand Mr M Mr K
Single Hop, Oppigårds B+ Fel humlesort? O+
Trashy Blond, BrewDog B+ Fint skumt, bättre förr… O
Oppigårds, Golden Ale O Bra skum O Fint skum
Nanny State, BrewDog O- Härligt obalanserad B+ Underlig undersmak
Punk IPA, BrewDog O Bäst hittills A- Misa like
Hugins Högtidsdryck, Köksbryggeriet Kvaser A Partisk… A- Kiss ass
Red Ale, Slottskällan B Bättre förr… O+
Kwak, Brouwerij Bosteels O Mäh. A- Rätt öl i rätt ordning. Söt
Free Rider, Köksbryggeriet Kvaser O Gör sig bäst igår O Bättre igår
Imperial Stout, Slottskällan B+ Vafan? Smakar som att den är rökt över bokved?! O+ Måns har rökt på
Honey Porter, Samuel Adams B+ Smakar soja O-

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