The Swedish company Division by Zero have developed a product to help disabled and demented people to virtually bike around in society with Google Street View. An exercise bike with steering have been integrated with their existing gamer screen jDome, enabling for a large screen experience.

Executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt recently highlighted this product on a zeitgeist minds talk, explaining the benefits of a risk free way to take part of outdoor environment as a method for rehabilitation.

2 thoughts on “Bike around in Google Street View with jDome

  1. That is an amazing invention, I am a healthcare practitioner, I wish our company will also have an equipment something like that for our mentally challenge residence.

  2. I am retired applications engineer and am starting to have memory problems. The “Bike Around” is what I have been dreaming of for years. The problem is the cost of the exercise systems available now. I have a good computer I can link to a large screen TV. I have very good exercise bike. I just need the software and a small handlebar mounted steering device.

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