What would happen if every family with debt up over their ears would have the possibility to vote on whether or not they should need to pay back their loans. Hard to guess what they would vote?

Apparently this is the strategy of the capsized country Greece, as they go to popular vote on whether they should carry out the budget cutbacks or not. Lets hope that the average Greek is more schooled in macro economics than the average Greek politician.

2 thoughts on “Lets vote on it

  1. The Papandreo family has ruled Greece for some time now and has completely failed and they still fail. The country should never have been alowed to enter EU and let them for goods sake leave and let Turkey in. The tuks cannot be worse than Greece and it would certainly tell the greek people to start to clear up their corrupt way of doing buisiness and statemanship. That turks are better than greek would hurt them more than going bankrupt.

    1. Just the principle of excluding the misbehaving countries from EU or EMU should likely result in incentive enough for other members to shape up their economy. The problem is that this should have been done years ago.

      And does any country really want to join this failing trade club of western countries any more, after this black autumn?

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