Sleeping in a hotel made of ice doesn’t cut it any more, as the alternative ways of running a hotel has exploded during the last couple of years. There even is a homepage for travelers who feel that their lodgings on the trip has to be as exotic as the destination itself.

Just looking what little Sweden has to offer the supply ranges from sleeping under water to up in the trees, all very close to nature. The underwater lodgings outside the city of Västerås is called the Utter in and it’s a creation by the artist Mikael Genberg. He has also made a tree accommodation called Hotel Hackspett, also located in Västerås. Unfortunately these installations are single pieces, and can barely be classed as hotels due to the lack of capacity. It’s more like exploring a piece of art from the inside.

A more reliable hotel experience could be the recently opened TreeHotel in the city of Harads in the north of Sweden, which has several unique rooms located high up in the trees. The most extraordinary lodging in the little family business is a four meter high cube with mirror exterior that merges perfectly with the wilderness of the north.

What other hotel wonders can be found in the rest of the world?

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