In December 2008 the commission of the European countries decided to rid the world of light bulbs, and gradually ban the different models in the years to come. During this year, 2010, the turn has come to the clear 75W bulb and they can thus not be bought any more.

As a coincidence a German entrepreneur has recently started to sell 75W radiators that luckily fits in a E-27 socket for light bulbs.  The radiator has an efficiency of 95% with the only bi-product being light. Fortunately the European commission hasn’t yet banned the radiators, so he can keep up his sales from his website. The product happen to look remarkably similar to the old fashion light bulb, but in the end it’s all a matter definition.

One thought on “A matter of definition

  1. Jag visste faktiskt inte d, men jag ska dit imorn med en go vän! Grymt tips 😉
    Vi måste cs snart!

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